Arms Technology - October 21, 2020

Turkey Further Revolutionizes Defense Sector with AI Technology – Unite.AI

Turkey’s defense sector is further embracing artificial intelligence (AI) technology with various new developments. Multiple state-run news agencies have been detailing AI strategies, including Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) and its focus on AI in all of its platforms. TAI is the leading aerial platform developer in Turkey.

According to a 2018 report, “Turkish political-military decision-makers’ understanding of, and the defense industries elites’ understanding of, and the defense industries’ approaches to drones firmly sees the unmanned military systems and robotic warfare as something more than ‘simply’ military modernization portfolio, an opportunity of pioneering the next geopolitical breakthrough.” 

The report goes on to say that this “techno-scientific revolution and the next military paradigm” is not just limited to remote-controlled unmanned systems, but the major focus for future wars will be on artificial intelligence, autonomy and advanced robotic warfare. 

TAI is currently developing autonomous systems, image processing systems, decision support systems and big data analytics infrastructure, and it became the first major defense company in Turkey to establish a separate AI studies unit. The developer has been working with various academic institutions and has four current AI projects taking place. 

Güven Orkun Tanik is the general manager for AI and machine learning at TAI. 

“The examples of the AI systems will be more common in the near future,” he said regarding the U.S. government’s recent exercises putting a human pilot up against AI. “This technology, which contributes to human abilities, provides opportunities in every field of aviation and the defense industry, from the production

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