Weapons Innovation - October 14, 2020

Trump Acknowledges UFOs, Threatens Aliens With Military Action – Popular Mechanics

trump and ufos

Department of Defense/Chip Somodevilla/Getty

    President Donald Trump, when asked about a new Pentagon task force for studying UFOs, replied that he would look into it—and then began boasting about the power of the U.S. military. Some observers saw this as Trump touting his funding of the Department of Defense, while others saw it as a threat to extraterrestrial beings.

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    In an interview on Sunday, Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo asked Trump, “Can you explain why the Department of Defense has set up a UFO task force? Are there UFOs?”

    “Well, I’m going to have to check on that,” Trump replied. “I mean, I’ve heard that. I heard that two days ago. So I’ll check on that. I’ll take a good, strong look at that.”

    Trump then went on to talk about

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